Calec Energy Calculator


Simply take the pulse output from any of our flow meters into this unit to make a flow meter/BTU meter!

Comes with Non-Invasive PT100 probes.  3 meters of wire to connect probes to unit are supplied.

• Precise measurement of thermal energy for heating, cooling and combined heating/cooling plants
• Interfaces to building control systems: M-Bus, LON, Modbus, N2Open
• Plug-in calculator module
• Data for standard cooling media with variable properties
• Integrated power supply for flow sensor
• Up to 2 pulse in-/outputs or 2 analogue outputs
• Metrological approval in accordance with 2004/22/EC (MID) and PTB K7.2 (cold, heat/cold combined)

Customer advantages
• Precise energy measurement for all thermal applications in buildings engineering
• Measurement of “heating and cooling” in a single unit
• Use in cooling and solar heating systems
• Choice of power supplies
• Re-calibration saves process costs
• Supports operation monitoring
• Expandable on modular basis
• Optimum LON system integration
• Added logistical value thanks to optional on-site programming of pulse value and installation site of flow sensor (INIT mode)

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Top quality heat and cooling meters for heating, air-conditioning, cooling and solar energy plants can be realised with the
CALEC® ST energy calculator. The modular unit distinguishes itself by its long-term stability. Flexible communications makes
it particularly interesting for integration into building management systems.

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