Lorric FU-ES QuickClamp Ultrasonic Flow meter


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Ultrasonic Flow Meter -Very Inexpensive for Very Small Pipes

The EchoSense Ultrasonic flow meter measures fluid flow by detecting the time difference between signals transmitted from two probes, A and B.  This time difference is used to determine the velocity of the fluid, which is combined with the known dimensions of the pipe to calculate the flow  rate using the formula Flow rate = cross-sectional area x flow velocity.

Automatic Pipe Detection

Unlike traditional ultrasonic flowmeters that demand manual input of pipe diameter and wall thickness, LORRIC’s new EchoSense technology automatically detects and configures these settings for you. Enjoy improved efficiency with effortless setup.

Other features

IP66 rated for wash down.  Pulse, 4 to 20 mA, and Modbus included.  Program with as little as 3 button pushes.

Lorric Clamp-On Ultrasonic FU-ES-Brochure


Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 6 in
Pipe Size (OD)

0.5" (0.83-0.87" OD), 0.75" (0.98"-1.07" OD), 1" (1.26"-1.34" OD), 1.25" (1.5"-1.66" OD), 1.5" (1.89"-1.97" OD), 2" (2.36"-2.48" OD), 2.5" (2.87"-3" OD), 3" (3.5"-3.54" OD)