Permanent Units (Still Non-Invasive)

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  • Lorric FU-ES QuickClamp Ultrasonic Flow meter

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  • U1000 Fixed clamp on ultrasonic flow meter

    U1000 Inexpensive Clamp-on Flow Meter

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  • Clamp on BTU Meter

    U1000HM Clamp On BTU Meter

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  • Clamp-on Ultrasonic Flow-Meters with a Wall-mounted Display

    Permanent Ultrasonic U3300 Clamp-On Flow Meters

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  • Doppler Flow Meter

    UFD5500 Fixed Doppler Meter

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  • Doppler Flow Switch

    UF DFS- 200 Fixed Doppler Flow Switch

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  • Area-Velocity Flowmeter

    Area Velocity Open Channel Flow Meter

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  • Clamp on flow meter gel pads

    Gel Pads

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  • Extenders For the U1000 Wall Mount

    U1000 Wall Mount transducer leads extensions

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Showing all 9 results