Permanent Ultrasonic U3000 or U4000 Clamp On Flow Meters


  • Full Pipe
  • Clear Fluid (Less than 2% Undissolved Solids)
  • Permanent Application
  • With or Without Data Logging
  • Pulse and mA Outputs
  • A Transducers 0.51-4.5″ OD Pipe
  • B Transducers 2-79″ OD Pipe
  • D Transducers 39-196″ OD Pipe

U3000-U4000 Micronics Brochure US

U3000-4000 English User Manual Issue 4.0A



The new fixed clamp on ultrasonic flow meters from Micronics.  For simple and accurate flow measurement from outside the pipe! The Ultraflo U3000 and U4000 clamp on ultrasonic flow meters’ electronics are housed in a specifically designed IP65 enclosure.  This incorporates the graphic display, keypad, sensor, and output facility connections. Programming the clamp on ultrasonic flow meter is easy and intuitive.  It is carried out by selecting the options displayed in the main menu and by following the simple instructions in any of the user selectable languages.  Signal strength, time and date, as well as flow information, are all continuously displayed.  This keeps the user fully aware of the measurement process.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions 19.1 × 12.6 × 5.9 in
Data Logging

Data Logging Onboard, No Data Logging Onboard


110 Volts, 24V, Stepdown Transformer 110V to 24V (U1000/U1000HM only)


(up to 275°F), A HT (up to 392°F), A IP68 (Waterproof), A Standard (0.51-4.5" OD), A Standard Sensors (0.51-4.5" OD), B HT (up to 392°F), B IP68 (Waterproof), B Standard (2-79" OD), B Standard Sensors (2-79" OD), D Transducers (39-196" OD)

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