U1000HM Clamp On BTU Meter

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The U1000HM Clamp on BTU Energy Meter

THE Best Value Solution for Energy Management, Building Services, and District Heating Systems

Clamp on BTU Meter

Clamp on BTU Energy Meter, the U1000MKII-HM, is an affordable option that provides a clamp on ultrasonic alternative to traditional inline energy meters. This is particularly useful for energy management and billing applications in domestic and commercial, district, or shared heating or cooling systems. Furthermore, it offers several advantages over traditional inline products. For instance, it offers significant installation cost savings and dry maintenance benefits.

Identifying Waste

Identifying waste, optimizing use, and accurate sub-metering and billing of energy and water are essential requirements for the efficient operation of existing and new buildings. Additionally, regardless of the type of building you’re operating, such as a shopping center, office block, condo, hospital, school, or housing/accommodation, whether in the private or public sector, optimizing energy and water consumption is crucial. Besides, automatic meter reading can be accomplished with any third-party cloud provider, allowing for seamless integration and ease of use. In addition, the U1000HM is perfect for retrofitting older existing buildings that have limited drawings and old pipework.

What’s Flowing Where?

The first step in managing water consumption is to find out “what’s flowing where”. This can be easily accomplished with the U1000HM BTU Meter, as there is no need to drain down systems, shut down, or cut into existing pipework! Therefore, using the U1000HM can save time and money in retrofitting existing buildings.

Key Features & Benefits of the Clamp on BTU Energy Meter:

  • Pipe range 2 options, fully adjustable for 0.75-4″ Pipe and 6″ Pipe
  • Optional Modbus RTU slave, RS485 serial
  • Cross correlation flow measurement system for accuracy
  • 1-Mhz transducers are more powerful to get through poor/old thick wall pipes and larger pipework
  • Water and Water/Glycol options
  • Simple to install: connect power and enter the pipe inside diameter, adjust the sensors, and clamp-on the pipe.  There are no special skills or tools required.  Best of all…No down time or plumber!
  • A clamp on non-invasive alternative to traditional in-line meter installation, plus dry servicing, allowing for minimum downtime and maximum availability.
  • LCD with backlight – install & service information.
  • Integrated pulse output – aM&T & BEM’s compatible with Modbus.


A non-invasive clamp-on BTU meter offers several advantages over traditional invasive BTU meters, including:

  1. “You don’t need to shut down the system because you can install non-invasive clamp-on BTU meters. Installing these meters saves time and reduces downtime, which is particularly important in applications where continuous operation is critical.”

  2. Easy to install: Clamp-on BTU meters are easy to install and can be done by a single person, without the need for specialized tools or equipment. This makes them ideal for retrofit applications.
  3. Reduced maintenance: Non-invasive BTU meters require little to no maintenance, as there are no moving parts or sensors that can wear out or require calibration. This means that they have a longer service life and require fewer repairs.
  4. Reduced cost: Non-invasive clamp-on BTU meters are generally less expensive to install and maintain than invasive meters, as they do not require cutting into pipes or installing additional sensors.
  5. Reduced risk of leaks: Since there is no need to cut into the pipe, the risk of leaks is greatly reduced. This is particularly important in applications where the fluid being measured is hazardous or costly.

Overall, non-invasive clamp-on BTU meters offer a cost-effective and convenient solution for measuring the heat energy in a wide range of applications.

Common Applications

Frequently, people use non-invasive clamp-on BTU (British Thermal Unit) meters for energy management, monitoring, and controlling heating and cooling systems in various applications. Furthermore, non-invasive clamp-on BTU meters typically have some typical applications, including:

Building Management
  1. In building management, people commonly use non-invasive clamp-on BTU meters as essential tools to monitor and measure the energy consumption of heating and cooling systems in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems. These meters are particularly useful in various types of buildings, including offices, hospitals, schools, and residential buildings. By optimizing the energy consumption of HVAC systems, these devices can effectively help people detect leaks and identify areas of inefficiency.

    Industrial Processes
  2. People commonly use non-invasive clamp-on BTU meters to monitor and measure the energy consumption of various industrial processes. These processes include chemical processing, power generation, and manufacturing. By identifying areas of inefficiency, these BTU meters help optimize energy consumption. Therefore, people consider them to play a significant role in improving the overall efficiency of industrial processes.

    District Heating
  3. A centralized source supplies heating and cooling efficiently to multiple buildings using district heating and cooling systems. The systems use non-invasive clamp-on BTU meters to measure the energy consumption of each building and bill them accordingly. These meters have become an essential tool for measuring energy consumption in district heating and cooling systems. Non-invasive clamp-on BTU meters play a crucial role in ensuring fair and accurate billing for energy usage by providing precise measurements.

    Renewable Energy Systems
  4. To monitor and measure the energy consumption of renewable energy systems such as solar and wind power, operators use non-invasive clamp-on BTU meters. These meters play a crucial role in optimizing the energy production and consumption of these systems. Operators can make informed decisions to improve efficiency and reduce waste by using real-time data on energy usage provided by these meters. Therefore, effective management and sustainability of renewable energy systems require the use of these meters.

    Data centers
  5. In order to actively monitor and measure the energy consumption of data centers, data center managers use non-invasive clamp-on BTU meters. These meters help them identify areas of inefficiency, allowing managers to optimize energy consumption and make informed decisions about energy usage. As a result, data center managers can reduce their carbon footprint while ensuring efficient data center operations.

    Overall, non-invasive clamp-on BTU meters are used in various applications where accurate measurement and monitoring of energy consumption is important for optimizing energy efficiency and reducing costs.


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Display Mounting

Pipe Mounted, Wall Mounted


Pulse, 4-20, and ModBus, Pulse and 4-20, Pulse and MODBUS, Pulse only


24V, Stepdown Transformer 110V to 12V (U1000/U1000HM only)

U1000 and U1000HM Pipe Size

6-8", 0.75-4" Pipe, 6" Pipe

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