U1000 Inexpensive Clamp-on Flow Meter

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U1000 Inexpensive Clamp-on Flowmeter

U1000 Inexpensive clamp-on flowmeter

Building Services
Energy Management
Water Treatment

Pipes 3/4-4″ or 6-8″
Steel, copper, and PVC
Pipe Mount 32-185°F, Wall Mount 4-275°F
Chilled Water
Potable Water
Demineralized Water
Glycol solutions
Rate and total on screen

Hot water metering and flow measurement
Flow measurement for heat metering
Chilled water metering and flow measurement
Flow measurement for chilled water energy metering
Potable water metering and flow measurement
Process water metering and flow measurement
Ultrapure water measurement


The U1000 offers several advantages as an ultrasonic permanent/fixed clamp-on flow metering solution. Firstly, it provides a volume pulse output standard for measuring flow rate, as well as an optional 4-20mA flow rate signal or MODBUS, which users can employ as a standalone meter or as an integral part of an M&T or BEM’s system. Secondly, users can easily install it by clamping it onto the pipe, connecting power, and entering the pipe diameter, with no specialist skills or tools required! Thirdly, it offers an inexpensive alternative to traditional in-line meter installation, with dry servicing that allows for minimum downtime and maximum availability! Moreover, it is compact, rugged, and reliable, designed to provide sustained performance in industrial environments. Lastly, it displays rate and total, making it a comprehensive flow metering solution.

When it comes to measuring water, there are several advantages that make clamp on flow meters a desirable tool. To begin with, they are highly accurate. Traditional flow meters that require the insertion of a physical element, like an orifice plate, can produce inaccurate readings if the material in the water flow is too viscous. In contrast, clamp on flow meters measure ultrasonic signals that are not affected by the properties of the material, ensuring accurate measurements each and every time. Additionally, clamp on flow meters have excellent resolution and a low response time, meaning they can record measurements more accurately than other methods.


Micronics has introduced a new alternative to cutting pipes and mechanical meters called the U1000 Inexpensive Clamp-on Flowmeter. The meter is designed to provide simple and low-cost flow measurement from outside the pipe, making it a convenient option. This meter is suitable for measuring water or water/glycol solutions and has an option for wall-mounted display. Moreover, it includes rate and totalizer functions and can accommodate pipe sizes of up to 8″.

Not only do clamp on flow meters have practical advantages for measuring water, they also offer cost savings. By not having to alter the pipe to accommodate a meter, there is a decreased need for additional installation costs and maintenance, allowing for considerable savings in both time and money. In addition, clamp on flow meters are a more affordable option than other types of meters, which means it can be used for a wide range of applications without the need for additional equipment.

Compact and Affordable

People use clamp-on flowmeters, also known as clamp-on or ultrasonic flow meters, as essential tools to accurately measure the rate and volume of a liquid, such as water, flowing through a pipe. In fact, many industries consider them an indispensable tool due to their high level of accuracy. Moreover, this type of flow meter does not disrupt the system and can measure any fluid without requiring modifications or alterations to the pipe to monitor the flow of water. As a result, industries and domestic settings alike have gained popularity for them. Additionally, consumers find them even more appealing because of their compact design and affordability.

Overall, those who need a reliable, accurate, and safe method of quantifying flow rate should strongly consider U1000 inexpensive clamp-on flow meters, which offer a multitude of benefits when measuring water rate. This type of flow-meter can provide an affordable, practical, and secure way of accurately measuring the flow of water in a given system, from residential applications to complex commercial processes. In fact, it can be the key to smarter, more efficient, and sustainable water usage in both domestic and industrial settings.

Unique Design

The U1000 clamp-on flowmeter is beneficial for measuring water because of its design. Two main parts, a transducer and a clamp, make up the clamp-on flow meter. They are both easy to install and maintain. Therefore, operators can attach them to the outside of the pipe quickly and safely without requiring any modification to the pipe or system. In contrast, turbine meters, for example, need placement within the system to function, which can lead to operational disruptions.

Invaluable Tool

Overall, we can see clearly why clamp-on flow meters are such a useful and beneficial tool for measuring water. Their accuracy and low cost make them ideal for industrial and domestic applications alike. These devices can measure both velocity and volume quickly and reliably, meaning they are suitable for use in a variety of settings without disrupting or modifying the pipe itself. As a result, clamp-on flow meters become a desirable and practical choice for any flow meter application.

Accurately measuring the flow rate of liquids requires an invaluable tool like clamp-on flow meters. This meter clamps directly onto the outside of a pipe, making installation more efficient, safe, and cost-effective than a more traditional inline meter. Various applications require precise quantification of the rate at which water moves through a pipe, and clamp-on flow meters are widely used in such contexts.


The U1000 clamp-on flow meter can track water usage in a given system or area at the simplest level. In a residential setting, it can track a household’s daily or monthly water consumption, enabling a precise breakdown of water bills or better planning of energy-saving initiatives. It can also measure the rate at which water moves through irrigation or hydropower systems. Knowing the exact amount of water flowing through pipes at a given moment could make the difference between achieving a desirable end-result and failing.

In commercial settings, the ability to accurately measure water flow rate is essential for maintaining good product quality, for regulatory compliance, and for maximizing process efficiency. In some industries, clamp-on flow meters can even be used as a cost-effective method for monitoring for water-related pollutants. With the capability of being placed in hard-to-access locations, this type of flow meter can quickly detect dangerous levels of contaminants, providing a great degree of safety for all involved.

In Conclusion

From an environmental perspective, having an accurate, efficient flow measurement system can make the difference between water wastage and sustainable management of resources. By measuring water rates over time, government agencies, research organizations, and other entities can ensure that water is used responsibly. This is particularly important in situations where water supplies are under threat due to either human interference or environmental change.


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Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 4 in
Display Mounting

Pipe Mount, Wall Mounted


Pulse, 4-20, and ModBus, Pulse and 4-20, Pulse and MODBUS, Pulse only


24V, Stepdown Transformer 110V to 12V (U1000/U1000HM only)

Pipe Range

3/4" to 4" Pipe, 6" Pipe, 6-8" Pipe

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